January 7, 2021

Cameron Gaskill


We know Cameron as one of the nation's leading experts when it comes to rehabbing houses for a profit.

He is a super successful Real Estate Investor from Jacksonville, a state licensed Contractor, the Past President of the Jacksonville REIA and he was the Project Manager on the TV Show EXTREME MAKEOVER: Home Edition!
Cameron will be our guest this Thursday night to talk to us about rehabbing to make the most money on our flips & rentals--in fact, he has got it down to a super system that will get you the most success possible out of every deal.

We love that he is really one of us--a regular guy investing and growing his business while supporting and being a leader in his local REIA. He started his business with just $8,000 to his name and turned it into one of the most successful investing companies in Florida. He continues to do flips, wholesales properties and has a strong rental portfolio. We especially appreciate that once he became truly successful, he found a way to help other investors repeat his success..and he is ready to share some great info with us this Thursday night.

Here are just a few of the things Cameron will be covering this Thursday night:
Ways to find houses to flip right now in this market
What to look for when Inspecting a property
Where to find the Best Contractors & Sub-Contractors
How to train your contractors, not babysit them
How to sell your houses faster and for more money than everyone else
How to turn house flipping into a six-figure a year business
How to Systematize the Rehabbing and Selling Process to make it faster, easier, and safer
Tricks & Tips to make your houses better looking than other rehabbed houses & you don't do any of the work
Plus join us and hear Answers to other questions about how to make bigger profits using Cameron's systems.

Pay Attention because here is what one of the Great Investors we all know has to say about Cameron:

"Cameron Gaskill really gets it. He's been in this business and does it himself. There aren't a lot of trainers out there that actually do this business themselves. Cameron knows this business and has the ability to keep his training updated as trends change month in and month out." Ron LeGrand (Nationally known Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Author and Mentor to thousands of successful investors)
#1 is Finding a deal and getting it at the right price is the
place you START to make your money
#2 is your exit or hold it strategy--increase your return on investment
Knowledge of and controlling REHAB costs are critical to being a success in real estate investing.



This month’s charity will be JDRF.

JDRF is a leading global organization funding type diabetes (T1D) research. Our strength lies in our exclusive focus and singular influence on the worldwide effort to end T1D.

Vision: A world without type 1 diabetes.

Mission: Improving lives today and tomorrow by accelerating life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications.

Learn more and donate here: https://www.jdrf.org/



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