December 3, 2020

Alfred Nicoletti


Our guest speaker for this month is Florida Probate Attorney Al Nicoletti, Esq. He will present about FLORIDA PROBATE SECRETS REVEALED. He would be discussing on the following:

- Everything you need to know about Florida Probate Real Estate
- Making Probates SIMPLE AND EASY
- Getting Probates done in 5-14 days!
- Diving into the secrets that make probate real estate an ultimate success story
- Probate Success Stories

There will also be a Q&A session after the presentation!

About Al: Al Nicoletti practices law throughout the State of Florida with offices in Jacksonville. He moved from Miami to Jacksonville in 2018 and brought with him a massive niche of Probate Real Estate, and a background in Foreclosure Defense Litigation.

He heavily focuses his law practice on probate, quiet title, and partitions and created a very unique niche working in the probate real estate market. He's developed a unique strategy on working to solve simple and complex probate real estate issues for inherited property that is always a title insurance problem before closing. 

He figured out a way to structure probates so they are fast, efficient and waiting until a closing for all attorneys fees (an heir's dream to not pay anything up front). He will teach us as investors how to work with probated real estate and how title issues can be solved through probates, partitions and quiet title lawsuits.

Al Nicoletti is very active on Facebook where he posts weekly videos and other various content. He recently created his own YouTube Channel under Al Nicoletti. YouTube users can subscribe to the channel for weekly video content and receive alerts every Friday.

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This month’s charity will be the Metropolitan Ministries.


We care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency... as an expression of the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.

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